Anh thích em.
Dù là áo ngắn, hay là áo dài.
Dù là váy trắng, hay sườn xám Đài.
(19 từ).

Toàn bộ bản quyền bài viết và hình ảnh đều thuộc (Lu là tên ở dạng chó của Kiếm).

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  1. 2D objects can't be printed, even when assembled right into a "box" or different solid-looking quantity. The pieces have to be welded collectively and strong types created to be printed. Each of those 4 file sorts is exclusive as Cooling Towels to the formatting of the data contained in the file itself, but they're equal from the standpoint of 3D Printing. For 3D printing, each mesh and parametric structured file sorts are acceptable. Let’s dive into the optimal CAD models for 3D printing and which types of CAD files Fictiv consultants advocate. 3D printer files assist STL files so a mesh in an STL format may be immediately printed.

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